Flexible Pricing Options

Explore our flexible pricing options, tailored to suit your company's unique recruitment needs and budget constraints. Choose the best fit for a high-quality, value-driven hiring experience.


We charge an upfront fixed fee to conduct the search for a candidate.
Dedicated resources and a higher level of commitment from our team
Tailored recruitment solutions based on your specific requirements
Provides certainty and predictability in terms of cost and timeline
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We charge a percentage of the candidate's first-year salary if the candidate is hired.
No upfront fees
Pay only when you successfully hire a candidate sourced by us
Ideal for companies that require flexibility and don't want to commit to a fixed fee
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We agree on a fixed price for the entire search project.
Predetermined fee for a specific recruitment project or a set number of positions to be filled
Offers a clear understanding of cost and scope from the outset
Ideal for companies that have multiple roles to fill within a set timeframe
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